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Capital Transmission

Carol E. Hicks

March 22, 1952 ~ January 1, 2010
Capital Transmission


I miss you so very much. We grew up together. You were and will always be my best friend. I find myself picking up the phone to call you when I need to talk to someone. Then, I just pause, and hang up. It's so hard to believe you arn't here to hold anymore. I wrote you a poem, I believe it says everything..............
Love & Kisses
Roseville, Ca

Carol, Even though our time together was cut short, I want you to know that I will always Love You. Your Love and hard work at Capital Transmission, Our home, raising our kids to adulthood, luving & caring for 6 wonderful grandkids, will be severely missed but ALWAYS REMEMBERED! Everyone who's life you've touched, family, friends, even our customers at Capital, will always remember your kindness, beautiful smile and sweet voice! I'm really going to miss you Honey!
Love Always,
Citrus Heights, CA

Well, Carol, it's hard to believe that we can't pick up the phone to call you again and hear your sweet cheerful voice on the other end. Ever since we first met in 2003, the 3 of us just clicked, You, Mary & Me, it was like we'd known each other all our life, you were so friendly and easy to get to know. We've sure had a lot of fun times together, many happy memories. We're so happy you came into our life and we'll never, ever forget you. You'll always be our adopted "daughter". Rest in Peace, there'll be no more suffering now.
Glen & Mary
Capital Transmission

My Dear Friend..

across the miles, I am so sorry you were so sick and I could not be there to comfort you. I will miss you talking to me on the phone. You meant the world to me. I can still hear you laughing at my jokes. I can still see your beautiful smile. You will always be in my heart and I will cherish our friendship until I see you again. You said you knew where you were going when you died so that brings me comfort knowing we will see each other again. You were so strong. I admired that! Now you are in total peace at the Father's right hand waiting for the rest of us. This is not a goodbye letter Carol this is a note to let you know you were loved. Thank you for touching my life and bringing me smiles. Until I see you~.
Your friend always~
Laughing Eyes Capital Transmission


I look back on all the fun times we had Going to Memphis, and loving Elvis, The time Joe Esposito came to deliver the skirt, All of those things I will surely miss. Please save a place for me in heaven, I know we will see each other again Just not soon enough, My dear, precious friend. You're in a better place now, That's what they all say, And I believe it to be true, May God bless you in His special way.
Jill Alexander
Vail, AZ


The best thing to come out of this is that you didn't suffer and now you are with our heavenly father. When you and I first met back in 2003 we became instant friends. Through the years we remained in touch and our friendship grew more into a sisterly kinship. You always had the sweetest personality and a beautiful smile. I will always remember you in my heart. I will forever miss you. Some of my best memories are of us talking and giggling on the phone. Thanks Carol for being there for me when I needed a friend. Thanks Michael and family for making this tribute possible. My condolences to all of you.. RIP Carol, my friend.
Love you always,
Capital Transmission


I'm so thankful for the time we spent together before you went home to be with the Lord. I enjoyed talking with you about the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Now you won't be in any pain And God himself will wipe away all your tears! I will alway's miss your caring and sweet nature and Your thoughtfulness to remember my birthday every single year...I love you Carol.. goodbye for now.. We'll meet again in Eternity!
Elk Grove, Ca


It hurts my heart that I couldn't say everything I needed to say to you. I thought we had more time. We all thought that. I can't tell you how thankful I am that we had the chance to talk that day. Even though I couldnt tell you all I needed to say because we couldnt stop crying...You knew that I loved you. I knew that you loved me. Growing up I had alot of issues with my birth mom never being there. Alot of anger inside because of that. Raising me wasnt always easy....but you still did it....every single day. No matter what. Im 36 now. It took me a long time to grow up. Being a mother now to my own children I can finally see so many things through your eyes. So much of what I am I have to thank you and my grandmother for. I'm not perfect. But I try my hardest to be the best mom I can be. I push my family to have meals together every single day. I remind my family to appreciate the time we have together here on earth. I am a caring person. I help others and I LOVE unconditionally. My children may not always see the value of the things I do .....But I pray as adults when they have children of there own...that they can see and appreciate the things I did. Like I do now...looking back at my childhood remembering how you were with us. Any of us could be just awful....but you still made sure we all sat down to eat at the table together. So much of who I am as a mother I have to thank you for...oh....and ....I am a clean freak...ha ha You never let me half do anything. THANK YOU FOR THAT!! :-) You didnt need a reason to be kind to someone. You touched so many people in your time here. Thank You for being my mom even though you didnt have to be. I will miss you dearly. We will all miss you Dearly.
Sacramento, Ca

Tribute to Carol

When Carol and I first met, it was at Glen's 70th birthday party, and the one quality that stands out in my mind is how vivacious she was. Once when I was in Sacramento, she and Michael took me to dinner, and she was so talkative and funny. Another time when I was up there, she and I talked about our lives, and she revealed a whole other side of herself, that she had gone through some difficult times but came through them as a stronger and wiser person. And last year, when Bob was in the hospital and I was afraid my life was crumbling around me, she called me a number of times to say that she was thinking about me and to give me moral support.

Now it's so hard to believe that Carol's passed on and we can't call her to tell her how much she means to us or to give her moral support in her time of need. Perhaps what we can do is first to say thank you to God for bringing her into our lives. Then, as we go through our lives, to treat each other with the same care and thoughtfulness that she showed to us. May Carol's circle of love never be broken.

My Dearest (Adopted) Big Sister,

It's been 2 weeks now since our Father brought you home. I sure do miss you bunches. You knew how to be a true friend. It's sad to say, but that is hard to find these days. You knew the importance of little things. The distance between us (you on the west coast, me on the east coast) couldn't keep us apart. Our Father brought us together for a reason, we needed each other, I am comforted in knowing that. You with your rainbows, me with my smiley faces. I still laugh at hearing you say critters and grits. See, you are still all around me and I cling to that. Not even death can steal that away. It gives me peace knowing you are waiting on the other side of the rainbow. Until we see each other again...
Great Big Hugs,
& Lots of Love,
Your Little Sister Lynne~


The loving kindness you spread on this earth will not be forgotten. the huge hole in my family's heart will always be there. I thank you for the love you always showed tiffany and I through the last thirty years. and for the joy and memories of our trip to the zoo. trent talks about you all the time. we love and miss you soooooo much! (ps say hi to elvis for my mama)
Janice L. Badger
Cottonwood, Ca

Dear Mike & Family

I would like to send my love and prayers , deepest condolences of the loss of your wife and mother of your children. I met Carol in a Elvis group many yrs ago, we share the same birthday. Although I am the age of her daughter we always kept in touch and wrote to each other. I had always hoped I could make it out there this yr or next to meet her..she told me so much of her life. She has sent me many Elvis souvenirs over the yrs and I will always cherish them.She was one special lady and I am deeply heartbroken over her loss.
Kristine Frid
Nanaimo BC Canada

Dear Mike and Family,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to and your loved ones at this time of great loss. I will greatly cherish the fun times we had getting together laughing and just spending time with each other.....we should have done if more often. I especially remember the fun time we had together in Reno where Carol and I got to spend some girl time together we shared a lot of laughs. She was such a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person. She will be greatly missed and will always be in our memories.
Denise & Tom

Dear Michael

I am still in a STATE OF SHOCK OVER OUR PRECIOUS CAROL'S PASSING........I have been trying to keep myself busy this week, looking for all her beautiful pictures to send you, just in case you might not have all of them.......I AM SO SORRY...., I LOVED HER VERY MUCH...SHE WAS TRULY A VERY SPECIAL PERSON AND EVERYONE WHO KNEW HER LOVED HER....SHE WAS SO KIND AND CAREING......SHE WAS THE 'SISTER' GOD FORGOT TO GIVE ME I WOULD TELL HER.......I WILL MISS HER BEYOND BELIEF.......She loved you so much Michael are one special person.....Also would you please tell all the rest of her family how sorry I am.. YOU AND THE REST OF HER FAMILY ARE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.

Take care Michael,
Linda Jane
Nashville, Tn

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