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Finding a Quality Auto Repair Shop

 Todays Computer Controlled Automobiles, trucks and Motorhomes are extremely expensive to replace, making the care and upkeep more critical than ever. Finding a good honest repair shop or garage will be one of the best financial investment decisions you will ever make. Trust Me... the differences from one Transmission or Auto repair shop to another can be staggering. So... HOW DO I FIND a GREAT AUTO REPAIR or TRANSMISSION REPAIR SERVICE SHOP? Here is some food for thought...

1) If you just moved to your local area or a novice to having to obtain professional auto repair help for your new sophistocated late model Car or Truck, try asking a good friend or neighbor for a recommendation. Its best to ask more than one person before choosing a repair facility. Once you have obtained a few candidates try checking them out on your own. The world wide web is a useful tool if you own a computer and have online access.
2) Internet Web Search... Start by checking the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) or State Consumer Affairs (In California BAR or Bureau of Auto Repair). Here you can check if a Transmission or Repair Shop  has a valid State License and for how long? Keep in mind... a Auto Repair Shop business  name might be 20 or 30 years old, but current ownership may be less than 6 months. Fact Is... a business is only as good as the people currently operating it! Look for any registered complaints.... Were they resolved to the satisfaction of all parties? Always remember complaints are like traffic tickets... Anyone could receive one, however several would definitely raise a red flag. Also note length of ownership.
3)  Now continue your Web search by googling the name of your Transmission Repair Shop or Local Auto Repair Garage...You might ask for Customer Reviews or testimonials. Even though some reviews can not be verfied, you can bet all "negative reviews" are real. Make sure you check out the website of each Repair Shop Candidate carefully. The more information you gather, the task of choosing a shop will become easier for sure. Is a Free Roadtest or diagnostic advertised? How long are the warranties for service work performed? Especially Major Transmission or Engine Repairs... If a Shop only offers short warranties you might not feel confident in the quality of work supplied? Longer warranties also add to the value of the repair investment. In my opinion... a Transmission Shop who offers a 3 year or 50,000 mile warranty on my rebuilt tranny job is definitely superior to a Garage offering a 90 day, 6 month or 12 month warranty on my $2500 Rebuilt Transmission potential investment. Also, Beware of Repair Shops without websites or at least a "Web Presence"... If they do not keep up with the times? How well do you think they keep up on Technical Issues and information regarding your EXPENSIVE NEW CAR or TRUCK? Food for thought!
4)  Always Favor "Specialized Repair Facilities". If you have a "Transmission Problem" a Transmission Repair Shop is the best choice as is a General Repair Garage for a Engine Tune-up or Timing Belt, Water Pump,etc. If I needed a Heart Transplant, I would not inlist the services of a Chiropractor or a Gynecologist? If you already have a trustworthy relationship with a Transmission Shop or Auto Repair Garage, ask them  for a referral. Try to avoid sublet work, unless you can verify that it is beneficial without costing too much. In other words, If final cost and warranty is pretty much the same, you might as well allow your Auto Repair Garage to make a few bucks, while saving you a lot of time or towing costs.
5)  Always ask which shop is actually performing the work and make sure you check them out on the web. If you have chosen your Automotive or Transmission Repair Shop now you can pay them a visit. Make sure the shop appears organized and relatively clean. Look for Certifications for the technicians working on your car. ASE ATRA ATSG certified is generally respected throughout the Auto Repair Industry. Is the waiting area, bathrooms, Shop area etc comfortable and clean? Make sure your Service professional is knowledgeable about your Car or Truck and most importantly familiar with possible solutions from his past Transmission or Engine repair experience. Always remember " Professional Transmission Repair or Auto Repair Service" does not cost but will pay dividends in the long run. Make sure all your questions are answered prior to authorizing any engine or transmission  repair service.
6)  Some advice to avoid problems and Transmission Repair or Auto Repair Nightmares... Always make sure your Transmission Service Professional or Auto Repair Shop knows "Exactly what your complaint is". That grind or squeek or rattling noise or slippage issue needs to be verified by the technician doing the work. Do not authorize any repairs until you confirm your mechanic or tech has actually felt or heard the problem. If your repair facility is "Not Sure" if the recommended proceedure will correct the problem, get a second or third opinion.  Sometimes "Educated Guess work" is necessary but only when the path is a logical one... Make sure your Technician gives a valid reason for his recommended repairs for your Car or Truck. Always remember that an "Honest Shop" will never deliberately lead you down the wrong path. If your Transmission is disassembled, Its always a good idea to view the damaged parts causing your slippage or noises or at least request all the old parts when repairs are completed. Some of those parts might carry a "core charge", so at least visually inspect or verify the damaged parts. Sometimes there can be more than one item making noise, so by confirming (example) the badly pitted Differential carrier bearings, you will not be questioning the integrity of your Service Technician, when he informs you that the now  fixed  "Quiet Differential" has now given way to a less noisey Transmission planetary noise  issue which could only be determined after the differential noise was fixed. Honest Technicians or any honest person for that matter do not welcome or deserve being called a crook, just because a customer chooses not to ask the right questions early on! Food for thought. Always remember if you have any kind of driveability problem and your "Check Engine" light is on.. DO NOT APPROVE REPAIRS WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY YOUR LIGHT IS ON with a complete list of computer codes pulled. Good Luck and remember to use the BBB and BAR online website links.