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Do it Yourself Auto Repair Help

1)   Before you start spending money go to KELLY'S BLUE BOOK ONLINE to check value of Car or Truck that you plan on fixing. No sense spending more than a car is worth. Don't forget the CAR FAX.
 2)     Its always a good idea to get a transmission service professional's opinion as to whether your clutch, differential or transmission repair problem is a serious more  major repair issue or possibly a less expensive or minor fix. Most transmission shops will provide this diagnostic service for a nominal fee or for free. At Capital Transmission we perform this initial diagnostic for your car or truck transmission  free of charge. You can also get online help at Capital Transmission Online Contact Form. 
 3)   Excellent online tool if you need help for SPEEDOMETER CALIBRATION 
 4)   Great resource for Auto and Truck Laws at CA Department Motor Vehicles Online.
 5)   Before you order parts for your transmission repair service... Make sure you know which transmission you are actually working on. This Link will help...                                               
                                                        IDENTIFY MY TRANSMISSION
 6)   Automatic Transmission Valve Body or Hydraulic Control Systems are very sensitive to over tightening of bolts. If you want your transmission rebuild or repair to function correctly do yourself a favor ... check out this website link for   Control Valve Body Technical Specs.
 7)    GM WEBSITE .... Always remember... It's not always the Engine or Transmission causing your driveability issues. With today's complicated late model Cars or Trucks the computer can be the cause of many common complaints or symtoms.  Go here to check your vehicle VIN number for available  software updates related to various engine and transmission performance issues.
 8)  ZF WEBSITE ..... This site is huge, so I linked directly to the Car Transmission section. ZF Transmissions are used in many vehicle types such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Lincoln, Range Rover, Ford and many more.
 9)   Hyundai Motor America  Service Website  ..... Free registration and for the Hyundai Transmission or Engine Repair Service person RATE THIS AAA++++. Everything you need right down to wiring schematics.
 10)  FORD LINCOLN MERCURY ... Genuine Ford and Lincoln Mercury Parts and Service Website. You can check by VIN for any Computer Updates for your Car or Truck Engine or Transmission driveability issue.
 11) NISSAN SERVICE INFORMATION .... Nissan Owner’s Manuals can be viewed online in .pdf document format for model years 1996 and newer vehicles. This is a FREE service provided by Nissan Publications. Printed versions of the Owner’s Manuals are not available from this website. If your vehicle is less than 3 years old you may obtain a replacement Owner’s Manual from Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-NISSAN-1 If your vehicle is an earlier model year, a replacement Owner’s Manual can be obtained by calling 1-800-247-5321. You can check for TSBs HERE for various years and model Nissan cars or trucks, however there is a subscription fee for this service.